I want to capture your wildest moments

Your essence; no boundaries 

Unapologetically free & untethered.

Why work with me

Because you want someone to capture a different side of you. 

Where are you based?

Im currently based in London, but I travel throughout the year, mostly to places with beaches. If you prefer a shoot abroad, give me a shout and she where I am in the wold. My current location will be on my Instagram.

What is is like to shoot with you?

A total blast, lol. But seriously, I want you to feel super free. Im always playing music, we are constantly trying new ideas,  experimenting and communicating. This is about you discovering your wild side and letting it loose. 

How do I work with you?

Send me an email or fill in the form below and we can then arrange a time to talk over the shoot and hash out the details. Usually there is a deposit when you are ready to book and then we can go from there.  

Who do you shoot ?

I shoot people that want to really celebrate themselves, the freedom they feel and explore their wildest sides. That mea s established models, amateur models and also everyday people. I want to capture sides of you that most photographers cannot get access too.  

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