So everyone needs a professional picture. Lets show the world that you mean business. Strong, capable and ready to work.


You own a business, brand or entrepreneur, and you want to get your personality and energy across in a couple of pictures. 



I am in love with capturing portraits of people. That is the simple answer. Throughout my career I have shot thousands of faces, and nothing bring me more satisfaction then shooting someone, and capturing their essence. We live in a digital world, where your profile is everything. You want some pictures that represent who you are and what you are about. If you are wild and free, loud and vibrant, quiet and understated - they are all valid, but you want to get it across to your clients the moment they see you. I can help with this. I am able to shoot you at my studio, on location or in some place you prefer. I want your shoot to feel personal so we can have a conversation before hand to find out what you need - and we can get as creative as you want. These shoots are all about 'brand you', and I want you to be able to show yourself to the world in a way that feels authentic to you.  


Its really simple. 

You click book a shoot at the end of this section. We arrange a call, and you tell me what you want, where you want it, and wat your vision is - and also what your fears may be. I will talk you through the whole process and plan and then we can book a session. 

On the day I will always have a speaker on hand so we can play the music that gets you in the zone. Then we can make the magic happen. 

I will send the pics to you in 3 days and you can pick your favourites for editing, which I will have for you within 2 days of picking them. 

You are gonna love what we come up with. 

Trust me.

Cheers, T


How long do shoots take?

They are usually between an hour  and 3 hours, but if you want anything more than that let me know. This is all about you. 

How do send the pics?

These will be sent to you via digital download using WeTransfer, and this can be done the same day as shooting. 

Who do you shoot?

I usually work with businesses, people with personal brands, influencers and models 

Where are you based?

South East London, but I can travel

Fave food? 

Anything with cheese, lasgane, pizza or mac. 


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